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Got a question or a problem with your hapi application? Not to worry! The hapi Developer Portal contains plenty of resources to help you get started and use hapi. But when that’s not enough…

Curious about commercial support plans?

A hapi commercial license means you control your upgrade timeline, access priority support, and build applications on a sustainable, predictable, and secure foundation. Plans start as low as $95/month.

No worries, we're here to help!

support helmet Free support is always available on GitHub. Just open an issue with your question and a community member will try to help. For faster response, join the hapi Slack channel – it’s where many community members hang out and help each other.
Like all open source projects, free support is constrained by the availability of volunteer resources. When free support is not enough, commercial licensing and support plans are available.

The 1, 2, 3 of commercial support

1. Keep your focus on what you're building

Open source software never stops evolving, and your team will always spend some time keeping up. Major releases mean new features and improved functionality, but they also mean time away from building your product. If you don’t upgrade, you get left behind with technical debt.
Licensing hapi gives you the ability to kick upgrade decisions down the road until you want to upgrade. That means your team can stay focused on the applications they’re building right now, instead of spending precious time migrating to new versions of open source modules on their support schedule.

2. Priority support and fast response time

Free support is great when you are not on a schedule and can wait for someone to find the time to help. But in a demanding enterprise environment when release dates are critical, you need to make sure your team has access to the support and resources they need.
Every commercial license comes with priority support. Issues opened on GitHub are guaranteed a response within 2 to 3 business days. Plans are available with private issues, so your team doesn’t feel intimidated asking for help in public, and 24 hours response time.

3. Advance security notifications

The time it takes to react to critical security issues determines your risk and exposure. When open source software is updated, the details of potential exploits become instantly public and demand a fast response. If you learn about the issue with everyone else, you give the attackers a head start .
Every commercial license comes with advance notice of critical security notifications, so you’ll have the time needed to mitigate the risks before they become public. Some plans also include advance patches and detailed mitigation instructions up to 72 hours in advance of public disclosure.

When does a commercial license make sense?

If paying for open-source software seems strange to you – that’s because it is – take a minute to read why we’re doing this, and you’ll understand.
Typically, companies get a commercial license when the open source license is too restrictive, like the GPL. But hapi comes with the super permissive BSD license which makes traditional commercial licensing unnecessary. Another reason to get a commercial license is when the free “community” version is lacking features or lags behind the paid “commercial” version.
With hapi, the very best, fully featured version is always free and open source . If your company keeps up with the latest version of hapi, you don’t need a license. (Unless, of course, you also want personal, priority support for issues, advance notice of fixes, and other useful perks.)
However, very few companies can afford to migrate efficiently with every new major release of a core component. Your engineering resources are finite, and you’d rather spend them on building better products — not upgrading your supporting infrastructure.
A hapi commercial license allows you to upgrade on your own schedule, while still running a supported, well-maintained, and secure code.

What happens if I don't pay for a commercial license?

In a word: nothing.
You’ll continue to have access to the very best latest version of the framework under the same open source license. You will be able to rely on hapi for your applications and take part in the community. The open source maintainers who make hapi the best application framework for developers all over the world will continue to work on it.
Anything that is open source now will remain open source under the same exact license in the future. Support for existing hapi releases follows a simple schedule. Each major version remains fully supported and maintained for (whichever is later):
  • 1 year from the day of first publication of the major version, or
  • 3 months from the day of the first publication of the following major version.
If you stay up to date with the latest version of hapi, your team will have the latest features, bug fixes, and access to current community-based support.
When you fall behind, you’ll be gently warned with an npm deprecation message while your code continues to run unchanged. If you choose to stay behind, you will be operate under increased risk of bugs and security issues left unattended.
But if you understand the importance of investing in the technology that keeps your business’ vital applications secure, organized, and intuitive… then consider upgrading to a commercial license.

Find the plan that's right for you!

Community Core Plus Enterprise
Cost (paid annually) $0 $95/month $749/month $1,995/month
Number of developers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Public Slack channel
GitHub issues support Community
hapi versions v19, v18 v19, v18 v19, v18, v17 v19, v18, v17, v16
Custom open source allowance (Accrued monthly development hours) - 20 minutes (up to 4 hours) 1 hour (up to 16 hours) 3 hours (up to 40 hours)
Max response time for GitHub issues (business days) - 3 days 3 days 2 days
Version lock-in - - 2 years 5 years
Additional lock-in years - - - Price upon request
Enterprise plugs -
Private priority issues/month (Up to 2 business days response time) - 1 5 10
Private critical issues/month (Up to 24 hours response time) - - - 3
Advance security notifications - 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours
Security patch preview - -
Private Slack channel - - -