API v3.0.x


npm: npm install @hapi/oppsy

yarn: yarn add @hapi/oppsy

new Oppsy(server, [config])

Creates a new Oppsy object.

  • server - the hapi server to collect information about.
  • [config] - optional configuration object
    • httpAgents - the list of httpAgents to report socket information about. Can be a single http.Agent or an array of agents objects. Defaults to Http.globalAgent.
    • httpsAgents - the list of httpsAgents to report socket information about. Can be a single https.Agent or an array of agents. Defaults to Https.globalAgent.

The oppsy object is an EventEmitter so it exposes the same API(.on and .emit) as the Node EventEmitter object. After it is started, it emits an "ops" event after a set interval with the collected ops information as the event payload.


Starts an Oppsy object collecting network and server information.

  • interval - number of milliseconds to wait between each data sampling.


Stops an Oppsy objects collecting.