API v5.0.x


npm: npm install @hapi/content

yarn: yarn add @hapi/content


Generates an object containing the associated mime-type and the boundary (if specified).

Content.type('application/json; some=property; and="another"');
// { mime: 'application/json' }

Content.type('application/json; boundary=asdf');
// { mime: 'application/json', boundary: 'asdf' }

If the header is invalid (malformed) or missing required data, such as a multipart/form-data header missing its boundary, it returns an HTTP Bad Request error.


Generates an object containing the details related to the Content-Disposition header for the form-data content type with support for utf8 encoding.

Content.disposition('form-data; name="file"; filename=file.jpg');
// { name: 'file', filename: 'file.jpg' }

Content.disposition('form-data; name="file"; filename*=utf-8\'en\'with%20space');
// { name: 'file', filename: 'with space' }

If the header is invalid (malformed, invalid or missing properties) or is empty/missing, it returns an explanatory error.