• Practical Hapi

    This book walks you through an end to end implementation of hapi, nodejs and asynchronous programming, right through Node JS Event Loop, Rest API best practices, Hapi Server Setup, Routing, Post and Get Requests with Payload and Parameters, Database Connectivity, Sequelize, Validation, Plugin Architecture, npm repository and its optimum use, swaggerui Integration, Postman tricks, Tricks and Tips for Neater Code, Constructs like await, fetch etc., Nodemon and much much more!!!! A capstone project with industry level challenges is what takes the cake in explaining Hapi in context. The framework is a great choice since it was tried and tested for high production demands and is backed by the best. With further releases coming, this framework is here to stay and is certainly an addition to your skills.

  • Developing a hapi Edge

    This book shows you how to build enterprise-quality web applications using the hapi service and application framework. By walking through the creation of a real web application,, you will learn how to configure and start hapi, build out APIs, perform authentication, validation, caching, and so much more. You will also discover tips and tricks used in production hapi deployments regarding plugins, testing, debugging, and security. hapi was developed and is used within Walmart and has been battle tested during the most critical days of the year for e-commerce websites, Black Friday. It has proven itself to not only handle extremely high production loads at a breeze but is also a pleasure to work with. The aim of the framework was to address pitfalls in the other established out there, and it has done so without fail.

  • Getting Started with hapi.js

    This book introduces hapi.js and walks through the creation of your first working application using the out-of-the-box features hapi.js provides. Packed with real-world problems and examples, this book covers some of the basic concepts of hapi.js and Node.js and takes you through the typical journey you'll face when developing an application. Starting with easier concepts such as routing requests, building APIs serving JSON, using templates to build websites and applications, and connecting databases, we then move on to more complex problems such as authentication, model validation, caching, and techniques for structuring your codebase to scale gracefully. You will also develop skills to ensure your application's reliability through testing, code coverage, and logging. By the end of this book, you'll be equipped with all the skills you need to build your first fully featured application. This book will be invaluable if you are investigating Node.js frameworks or planning on using hapi.js in your next project.

  • hapi.js in Action

    Packed with examples, this book takes you from your first simple server through the skills you'll need to build a complete application. In it, you'll learn how to build websites and APIs, implement caching, authentication, validation, error handling, and a lot more. You'll also explore vital techniques for production applications, such as testing, monitoring, deployment, and documentation.

  • hapi with TypeScript

    This book introduces TypeScript into developing web applications with hapi. TypeScript, a language developed by Microsoft, brings the benefits of strong types and object-oriented programming to JavaScript. With ample code samples, this book teaches all aspects of developing a web application in hapi with TypeScript. It also introduces, hapidock, a docker container with all required components for developing in hapi. With hapidock, you can develop and test hapi applications in a production-like environment. Through this book, you will learn to build stable enterprise-level server applications. The book is free to read at E-books (pdf, mobi, and epub) and fully executable code samples are available after purchase.

  • Hapi.js Handbook

    This handbook is a collection of tutorials for Hapi.js framework. You can find tutorials about validation, working with 3rd plugins, sending/getting data, template engines, integrations with DB and etc.


  • appy

    A user system leveraging rest-hapi to bootstrap your app.

  • aqua

    A website and user system. Implemented with React and Flux.

  • frame

    A user system API. Bring your own front-end.

  • generator-hapi-service

    Yeoman generator for hapi web services.

  • generator-hapi-style

    Yeoman generator for scaffolding hapi apps and plugins.

  • hanx.js

    Full-stack boilerplate with Node.js, hapi, PostgreSQL and AngularJS (MEAN.js port)

  • hapi-angular-quickstart

    Angular2 Quickstart example wrapped into a Hapi plugin.

  • hapi-api

    Lean hapi API Boilerplate with an opinionated view on project structure

  • hapi-cli

    Boilerplate for hapi with mongodb, mongoose. Work with Hapi V17.

  • hapi-dash

    A boilerplate hapi web and API server example, with frontend dashboard

  • hapi-moon

    Hassle-free and production ready hapi.js Server boilerplate

  • hapi-ninja

    Boilerplate hapi server example. Node.js, hapi, and Swig.

  • hapi-react-starter-kit

    A hapi React Starter kit with react-router, redux, react-transform.

  • hapi-starter-kit

    Hapi.js based REST boilerplate which uses latest ES7/ES8 features (async/await) with code coverage and follows best pratices

  • hapi-struct

    Simple Hapi server boilerplate with user authentication (MongoDB)

  • hapify boilerplate

    Dynamic boilerplate providing an API built with HapiJS, MongoDB and Docker (build for

  • hapitodo

    A TodoMVC jQuery front-end with a Hapi back-end.

  • jolly

    Production ready boilerplate for hapi.js

  • mullet

    Boilerplate hapi Server with Facebook and React

  • the pal boilerplate

    A friendly, proven starting place for your next hapi plugin or deployment

  • rest-hapi

    A RESTful API generator built around the hapi framework and mongoose ODM.

  • rutha

    frontend stack for hapi (server, api) and Angular (client)

  • snowflake-hapi-openshift

    Hapi Server running on OpenShift/local backed by MongoDB & Redis - Performance Tested with BlazeMeter & JMeter

  • start-hapiness

    A Boilerplate that help you to create fast project with Hapi + MongoDB

  • testing-hapi

    Hapi API Server with Swagger Docs, Testing and Travis CI

  • typehapily

    A TypeScript based boilerplate for HAPIJS with TypeORM & Dynamic Linting

Projects built with hapi.js

  • Colonizers

    A HTML5 multiplayer game, based on the popular board game "Catan" by Klaus Teuber.

  • MasteryJS

    Scalable API Server framework build on top of Hapi and Sequelize.

  • Paydash

    Worker payments dashboard for MGNREGA, India's employment guarantee programme.

  • Postmile

    Postmile is a collaborative list making tool built using hapi.js, Node.js, and MongoDB.