API v9.0.x


npm: npm install @hapi/good-console

yarn: yarn add @hapi/good-console

new GoodConsole([config])

Creates a new GoodConsole object with the following arguments:

  • [config] - optional configuration object with the following keys
    • format - MomentJS format string. Defaults to 'YYMMDD/HHmmss.SSS'.
    • utc - boolean controlling Moment using utc mode or not. Defaults to true.
    • color - a boolean specifying whether to output in color. Defaults to true.

Output Formats

Below are example outputs for the designated event type:

  • "ops" - 160318/013330.957, [ops] memory: 29Mb, uptime (seconds): 6, load: [1.650390625,1.6162109375,1.65234375]
  • "error" - 160318/013330.957, [error,event.tags] message: Just a simple error, stack: event.error.stack
  • "request" - 160318/013330.957, [request,event.tags] data: you made a request
  • "log" - 160318/013330.957, [log,event.tags] data: you made a default
  • "response" - 160318/013330.957, [response, event.tags] http://localhost:61253: post /data {"name":"adam"} 200 (150ms)