npm: npm install @hapi/content

yarn: yarn add @hapi/content


content allows to parse HTTP Content-* headers, currently based on the rules established in both RFC 7231 Section and RFC 6266 Section 4.1.


Generates an object containing the associated mime-type and the boundary (if specified).

Content.type('application/json; some=property; and="another"');
// { mime: 'application/json' }

Content.type('application/json; boundary=asdf');
// { mime: 'application/json', boundary: 'asdf' }

If the header is invalid (malformed) or missing required data, such as a multipart/form-data header missing its boundary, it returns an HTTP Bad Request error.


Generates an object containing the details related to the Content-Disposition header for the form-data content type with support for utf8 encoding.

Content.disposition('form-data; name="file"; filename=file.jpg');
// { name: 'file', filename: 'file.jpg' }

Content.disposition('form-data; name="file"; filename*=utf-8\'en\'with%20space');
// { name: 'file', filename: 'with space' }

If the header is invalid (malformed, invalid or missing properties) or is empty/missing, it returns an explanatory error.


Change module namespace
Remove engines
Throw on .type() if header is completely missing
Skip processing parameters when content type is not multipart
Throw directly from header processing
Update deps
Update deps
breaking changes
Throw errors
Commercial version of v3 branch